Welcome to Melody Child Care:

Our children from their earliest years must take part in all the more lawful forms of play, for if they are not surrounded with such an atmosphere they can never grow up to be well conducted and virtuous citizens.

–Plato, The Republic

A warm, friendly and safe environment where free play is learning!

Our licensed family home childcare provides a safe, warm, and educational “home away from home” for your child. Our belief is that children need space to use their gross motor skills all day long..


We offer:

  • Age appropriate activities designed for children to use their creative energy and imagination
  • Licensed staff educated in child development
  • Highly recommendeation by UCI families

Our goal at Melody Child Care is to nurture every child based on their specific needs by building close relationships with their providers and their peers. We believe that family childcare helps foster emotionally secure interpersonal relationships for everyone involved.
At our family childcare center we are able to communicate with parents on a personal level, working with each child closely & specific to their needs.

Staying with one provider for many years helps children develop a sense of trust and security. Our multi-aged environment allow children to learn from one another as well.
Enrolling in family childcare is a choice families make based on a desire to keep their child in a more family-oriented environment. At Melody Child Care we are committed to making the atmosphere feel familiar to each child’s home.

Play-Based Approach
Free play is learning! Play-based curriculum, also known as child-centered curriculum, is currently the most widely utilized approach across American early education families & educators. Through this philosophy, providers are able to engage kids in fun, play-based activities while incorporating developmentally appropriate, educational lessons.

Melody Child Care’s core curriculum falls into this category. Spaces are structured to provide children in similar age-groups interaction with activities that stimulate multiple senses and expose them a variety of fun, simple, academic and abstract activities. While providers tailor each activity to ensure every child is learning in a way that works best for them, all kids move through the curriculum at a similar pace.

In addition to daily lessons, our space and multi-aged play environments also provide children with valuable social and cooperation skills.

Our mission is to provide a quality childcare experience that helps your child develop physically, socially, and emotionally.

Our center is a safe and open home environment that is conducive to developmental growth through free play. Our homey space has 5 play areas that allow each child to explore themselves and engage in several activities with other children. Children have access to a variety of fun and educational toys that allow them to discover, share, and learn. We provide nutritious, organic meals and snacks throughout the day, with vegetarian & vegan options available to the children.

At Melody Child Care, we believe that this kind of family-oriented approach & environment is very important for children to grow up in. We ensure that each child develops in their own unique way, engaging in creative, imaginative play with a familiar sense of comfort in their environment.